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What you don't know about ppgi steel coil ?

Prepainted Galvanized steel roofing: is a steel roofing with colour coating. Colour steel roofing is divided into a single board, colour steel composite board, floorboard and so on. Widely used in large public buildings, public buildings, mobile panels, and walls and roofs of integrated houses.

Color steel roofing features

1.Lightweight: 10-14 kg / square meter, equivalent to 1 / 30 of the brick wall.
2.Insulation: Thermal conductivity of core material: λ<=0.023-0.041w/mk.
3.High strength: It can be used as a load-bearing structure for ceilings, bending and compression; general houses do not use beams and columns.
4.Bright colour: no need for surface decoration, colour galvanized steel coating is maintained for 10-25 years.
5.Flexible and quick installation: the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.
6.Oxygen index: (OI) 32.0

Composition and application of colour steel plates

color coated steel sheets are mainly divided into three parts: construction, home appliances and transportation. The construction sector accounts for the largest proportion, followed by the home appliance industry, and the transportation industry only accounts for a small portion.

A. The colour steel roofing for construction are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel coil and hot-dip aluminium-zinc steel coil. They are mainly processed into corrugated sheets or composite sheets with polyurethane and are used for the construction of industrial buildings and airports, airports, warehouses, freezers, etc. The roof, walls and doors of the building.

B. Home appliance colour coils are generally based on electro-galvanized and cold coils for the production of refrigerators and large air-conditioning systems, freezers, bread machines, and furniture.

C. The transportation industry generally uses electro-galvanized and cold coils as substrates, mainly used for oil sump, automotive interior parts, etc.

The main model of the sandwich panel

Colour steel coil width specifications: 500mm-1250mm

The sandwich panel is upside and backside coloured coated roofing, and the middle is foam, rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, etc., which are bonded and moulded together by imported combination glue.

[Fire rating] A B1, B2, B3 (non-combustible, flame retardant, flame retardant, flammable)

Specification performance of the sandwich panelCore material performance:

A polystyrene Bulk density: ≥15kg/m3 Thermal conductivity ≤0.036W/m.K Maximum operating temperature: about 100°C.
B. Rockwool Bulk density: ≥110kg/m3 Thermal conductivity: ≤0.043W/m.K Maximum operating temperature: about 500°C A|Incombustibility: Grade B1 B. Non-combustible: Class A

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