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How to get from shanghai pudong airpoart to our factory in hangzhou

Many customer ask how to get from shanghai pvg to our factory in hangzhou ?

Here is some way you can try:

1.By subway and by high-speed rail or bullet train

First,pvg to shanghai hongqiao station by will cost you around one and a half hour.

second,shanghai hongqiao station-hangzhou east by high-speed Railway,its cost around 45 mins.and then we will pick you up at station.

.2.By bus

shanghai pudong airport have bus to hangzhou fuyang bus station,it will cost around 2hours

3.take taxi

it will cost around two and a half hour . high speed trian

shanghai hongqiao station to hangzhou fuyang station its cost 1 hour and then we will pick you up in fuyang station. station to our factory 5mins .

You can choose yourself .

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